The creator of the novels about the British intelligence officer James Bond, Ian Fleming, encrypted a secret message in cufflinks, which he wore to the premiere of the movie “Doctor No”. The tape was based on one of the author’s novels.

It is curious that no one has yet understood the mysterious message, although for the first time cufflinks with the letters WUS, SIL, UDH and NUF were seen on it back in 1962, at a party to mark the release of the film. Now the accessory will be sold at an auction in Oxford. Enthusiasts will have to pay up to £ 1200.

As reported The Sun , the description of the lot states that it was Fleming’s service in naval intelligence during the Second World War that inspired him to create the cult book series.

Another notable detail of the writer’s biography is called his work as a journalist, which also influenced his literary style.

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