The insider explained what caused the controversial behavior of the royal couple.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have completed a two-day trip to Scotland. The Dukes of Cambridge visited the elementary school and met with subjects. Monarchs were open and even allowed physical contact. The behavior of the dukes alerted the experts: at least twice they went against the royal rules.

In Glasgow, the royal couple made their first mistake. Celebrities began to pose for selfies with locals, despite the rules forbidding members of the royal family. Neither Kate nor Uidham refused selfies, but smiled broadly and willingly took pictures.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

On another occasion, the son of Princess Diana took liberties while communicating with subjects. William hugged the 66-year-old pensioner. Such sentimental behavior is definitely not welcome within the walls of Buckingham Palace, a maximum of a handshake or a bow.

What made the monarchs break the usual rituals, said a royal expert close to the Windsor family. An insider is sure that the dukes are trying to be closer to the people after the incident during the Caribbean tour, when the monarchs faced protest from representatives of the Bahamas.

“They want to be more accessible, less formal and boring and break away from a lot of tradition,” the insider said.

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