The creepy appearance of actress Cameron Diaz shocked fans of the 48-year-old actress. Not so long ago, a celebrity became a mother. For a long time, Cameron hid the girl’s face from the audience, but a few weeks earlier, the first photos of the child appeared.

The other day, the paparazzi caught Diaz out for a walk with her daughter. The actress looked, to put it mildly, on an amateur: disheveled hair and a second chin did not adorn her. Cameron’s eyes were hidden by huge sunglasses.

The aged star was not recognized on the Web.

“What happened to her?”, “This is not us, life is like that”, “And what was the beauty”, “Motherhood finished it off?”, “I can’t believe my eyes”, “One universal pain”, “The husband does not help at all? “,” Drank drunk? ” – were perplexed in the vastness of the Web.

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