The actor will become one of the youngest performers of this role in the history of the series.

The protagonist of the Doctor Who series periodically reincarnates – after the regeneration process, he becomes a different person. Traditionally, his roles are played by men, but in recent seasons, the incarnation of the character has been a woman.

Recently, the main character had to go through a new regeneration. The creators of the project have already decided what the Fourteenth Doctor will be. They will be Shuti Gatwa. He is known to Netflix fans thanks to the series “Sex Education”. The actor, now 29, will be one of the youngest to play the Doctor. The appearance in the famous series, he considered it a great honor.

Shuti Gatwa

“This role and show means so much to so many around the world, including myself, and each of my incredibly talented predecessors treated this unique responsibility and privilege with the greatest care,” Gatwa admitted on BBC air.

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