According to GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb, we’ll see Ubisoft + on Game Pass sooner rather than later. There are already many voices that assure this.

Now we all know without a doubt how Microsoft has relied on his service streaming of games video, which is growing day by day. Recently, some comments have emerged that leave no one indifferent: Ubisoft + on Game Pass According to Jeff Grubb, the journalist of GamesBeat, this could be a reality.

At the end of last year, there were several and many rumors regarding this issue as several analysts and insiders have taken it for granted in the future. The rumors keep appearing and it is now Jeff Grubb who joins the statements on a possible arrival of Ubisoft + in Game Pass, joining Jez Corden from Windows Central.

As reported by PureXbox, Jez Corden said in his day (late last year) that this rumor had “A great chance to be true. “ Now it’s the journalist GamesBeat Jeff Grubb thinks and thinks exactly the same, declaring through GamesBeat decided the following (translated).

“I think it’s Ubisoft +, yes. I think it’s that part. I’m not sure, but that’s what I understand is that they are trying to make this happen ”.

Of course, for now, these are just rumors that need to be taken with a grain of salt. However, if the information was true, it would be another blow from Microsoft to the table, one that would ultimately catapult Xbox Game Pass to full success.

Now it is only a matter of time to see the veracity of the information and if it ends up being met. The truth is that there is movement and conversation inside the Xbox, and it is very likely that it will all end up being confirmed sooner or later, as it has happened with EA Play and Bethesda.

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