For several hours, many Twitter users have reported serious connection problems to the social micro-blogging network, which is currently inaccessible on both PC and mobile. The DownDetector website also reports on numerous portal login issues reported by platform subscribers both overnight and within these minutes. For the moment, no official communication has arrived from the technicians of social networks. It seems that the issues are present both within the mobile app and on the website and it seems that all users have been affected by this situation.

These are probably momentary errors due to server maintenance that can temporarily limit the functions of the social network, to the point of completely preventing access. According to posts posted on Facebook (and reports on the portals that collect them) in the last few minutes, the problem seems to characterize both the Italian and the international . The portal – at least for the desktop version – displays the classic error screen where you can read a neutral: “Error. Something went wrong, but don’t worry because it’s not your fault. Let’s try again ”.

The applications third parties, such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, also appear to have been affected by the problem and do not allow access to the social network. The company has yet to receive any official communications, other than reporting issues on the support page. The company is aware of the problems and works to resolve them . In the meantime, all users of the social network, who currently do not have the possibility to access their personal account, only have to go to other social networks.

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