Amal Clooney, not without reason, was jealous of the wife of George Clooney for his colleague on the set of Julia Roberts. Probably, the actor regularly gives his wife reasons to doubt his fidelity.

The wife told the actor that she would divorce him if he did not stop flirting with a colleague. Amal heard talk of Clooney openly flirting with Roberts on set.

The artist’s wife cannot be accused of excessive jealousy. When trust reigns between spouses, even slight flirting does not cause jealousy on the part of the partner. Clooney’s wife did not just give him an ultimatum after open flirting with the heroine of the film “Pretty Woman,” says psychologist Natalya Korshunova .

“Most likely, trust was undermined somewhere before that, and the woman has a certain reaction that has already accumulated. If she gives an ultimatum tough enough, then this is not the first time this has happened, ”said the psychologist in an interview with PopCornNews.

However, tough ultimatums are not always a good way to resolve conflicts. Men are different, the psychologist noted, and such a reaction can provoke someone to a new similar act. The spouse in this case needs to understand that the ultimatum will work if her lover is used to complying with the agreements.

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