The methods of education of Kate Middleton and William run the risk of negatively affecting the heir.

The youngest son of Kate Middleton and Prince William Louis became the main star of the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The four-year-old tomboy, impressed by the air show, spoke loudly, made faces and ignored the numerous remarks of the mother duchess.

The behavior of the heir to a crowned family can say a lot about his upbringing, says child psychologist Natalia Iskra.

According to the expert, the parents chose the liberal system of values ​​as the basis. She gives the son of Middleton and Prince William a lot of freedom. However, because of this, a mischievous person can grow up obstinate and stubborn.

“This happens when the child’s leprosy or his behavior in violation of the boundaries of other people is accepted by the elders as the norm,” the psychologist clarified.

Elizabeth II

Iskra noted that it is in such an environment that creative people grow up.

“He (the child – Approx. ed.) does not get clogged, but at the same time he violates the boundaries,” the psychologist explained in an interview with Channel Five .

However, there are still dangers ahead. Subsequently, Louis will find it difficult to integrate into the authoritarian system that underlies the English upbringing. The royal heir may not be able to cope with the restrictions, the psychologist warned.

Still, a lot depends on the baby. Often, freely educated people easily adapt to the conditions around them, the expert concluded.

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