The guitarist of the legendary band The Queen, Brian May, expressed dissatisfaction with the new policy of the organizers of the prestigious Brit Awards.

Earlier, the management decided to abolish gender divisions in key categories: instead of the best male artist and the best female artist, only the category of the best artist was left. A similar reduction took place in the nominations for the best foreign performers.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , the main goal of the initiators of change is the assessment of creativity, regardless of any gender stereotypes. At the same time, May, in turn, considers the decision “made without the proper amount of thought.”

In addition, the rock star spoke out strongly against the culture of cancellation:

“I am so sick of people trying to change something without thinking about the long-term consequences. <…> An atmosphere of fear reigns everywhere, because people are afraid to say what they really think. I think a lot of people are thinking, “Wait, there’s something wrong here.” But they will not dare to object to anything. Sooner or later it will provoke something like an explosion. ” – the source quotes the artist.

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