Benedict Cumberbatch, at the age of 45, has already played many diverse roles. He can be romantic, in love, a little crazy, warlike and dangerous. And it is very curious to watch him when he transforms into an enemy of Russia. Cunning and dangerous, but always admired.

Spy Games

The Spy Game is based on real events. In 1960, GRU Colonel Oleg Penkovsky began cooperating with British intelligence. As a fee, he demanded a monetary reward and assistance in emigration.

Wynn, who often visited Moscow, was his liaison with the British leadership. Through him, all data was transmitted to the CIA, and then to the US leadership.

However, the insidious plan was not destined to come true, and two years later Penkovsky and Wynn were seized by counterintelligence. The colonel was sentenced to capital punishment. Wynn was sentenced to eight years in prison, but after 11 months he was exchanged for a Soviet intelligence officer.

Spy, get out!

The film is based on the novel by John Le Carré. Retired agent George Smiley is back in business. He gets the task to bring out into the open water the “mole”, which is firmly entrenched in the top of the intelligence service. Smiley must find and neutralize the spy.

The development of events shows that the roots grow from Turkey, France and, of course, the Soviet Union.

Imitation game

A drama film about cryptographer Alan Turing, who during the war broke the secret code and brought the end of the war 2 years closer. The tape tells about the fate of an unconventional mathematician and the tragic end of his life.

Despite the fact that Turing worked in the secret laboratory of the allies, he provided metered information for the Soviet Union even after agreement with the top leadership. He also did not miss the chance to collect information about the Councils for the leader of M16.

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