The children of Kate Middleton and Prince William play the guitar and learn ballet.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have three children: Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte. The Dukes of Cambridge shared what the royal heirs are fond of.

Despite belonging to the royal family, the Middleton children have the usual hobbies, many of which are available to other children. Charlotte visits the gym and is already celebrating her first successes. According to Kate, the girl filigree performs the wheel and handstand.

In addition, the princess goes to ballet class with her older brother George. But William sees in the excess of additional sections and significant disadvantages. According to him, the heirs scatter things around the house.

“Charlotte runs around the kitchen in dresses and ballet pieces. Complete madness begins when Louis chases her, trying to do the same, ”the father of many children laughs.

Eight-year-old George is making his first steps on the guitar. In addition, by right of seniority, he had already begun equestrian training. Parents would really like their son to learn horseback riding. For now, he is training on a pony, but the time will come when the royal heir will ride a big horse, Express.Uk writes, citing a person close to the palace.

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