The son of actress Alicia Silverstone may face a lot of psychological problems. The heir does not even suspect what kind of pig his own mother planted on him.

The boy is already 11 years old, but he still sleeps in the same bed with his mother. The celebrity is not embarrassed by the fact that they take a shower with their offspring. Child psychologist Irina Taranova, in a conversation with the PopCornNews portal, explained what consequences co-sleeping at this age can have for an unborn child.

“It can be assumed that the boy will face a number of very different difficulties, ranging from problems with attachment to loved ones, difficulties in sexual relations, and in general with their construction,” said Irina Taranova . – A child must go through all the stages for his development. One of them is separation from the mother. This is the understanding that I am a separate being, I have my own desires and needs, and my own personal boundaries. When the mother is in such close symbiosis with the child, there is no separation. The relationship between mother and child becomes pathological, not quite correct and normal.

According to the specialist, if the child’s bodily boundaries are violated during sleep and washing together, then this can be shifted to communication with others. The psychologist also named the age after which it is already desirable for a child to sleep separately from their parents.

“At three years old, a child understands his “I” and bodily boundaries, this is the ideal age. If this happens in four or five years, then there is nothing catastrophic. After six years, it is not recommended, because independent sleep is very important in the development of the child. So he copes with nightmares on his own, develops confidence and understanding of intimacy. From the age of six, children begin to learn about their body, and in the presence of a mother, it’s not great to do this, ”said the psychologist.

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