Even if before coming to Marvel, Tom Holland He already had a long filmography, it is thanks to Spiderman that he managed to catapult himself to international fame. But, as global recognition came, interference with her privacy followed suit, including some rumors about the girl who stole her heart and, Zendaya, was the first to appear on the list.

In 2017, when the first movie of Tom Holland as Peter Parker, Zendaya entered the skin of MJ, the great love of the protagonist. So much so that the chemistry imparted by both the former Disney star and the Briton crossed the screen, and for that same reason more than once they’ve been embroiled in romance rumors.

However, with every chance they had, Holland and his teammate took it upon themselves to refute him. In fact, he himself has stated that Zendaya is nothing more than a friend and, in turn, was the one who taught him how to deal with the fame that led to his inclusion in the MCU as a plus. young superhero from the franchise. Although they admitted their friendship, fans weren’t convinced.

However, since June 2020 it has been confirmed that the son of the legendary Dominic Holland and Zendaya are just friends, in addition to the fact that in the midst of these rumors, she engaged in a courtship with Jacob Elordi, the also protagonist. From Unexplored He confirmed his relationship with actress Nadia Parkes, who the Daily Mail reported at the time was in her 40s with him after two or three months of dating.

Also, from what Elle US revealed, the actors had planned to keep their relationship a secret, but rumors haunted them and apparently that was the reason why Tom Holland decided to post a photo of her. love on Instagram . Although, in order not to give more word, he did not write anything in the caption, but only showed Parkes on a bicycle and with the mask on.

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