The filmmakers of James Bond films will not begin casting for the role of a spy with a license to kill in the coming months so that Daniel Craig can say goodbye to his character, but the contenders for his place – with a margin.

7. Daniel Kaluuya

The star of the films “We” and “Get Out” in recent years has become entrenched in the first echelon of Hollywood actors. The 32-year-old actor has already appeared in the MCU, starring in Black Panther, and now is the time to replenish the new franchise, the Metro edition is sure .

6. Dev Patel

One of the best British actors in recent years has achieved a lot by the age of 31, but never starred in action films. An excellent test of the pen and a kind of casting for the role of James Bond for Patel can be the action movie “Ape Man”, which will begin filming next year.

5. James Norton

Filming the successful (overseas) TV series McMafia in 2018 lifted Norton to the top of the bookmaker’s list for the role of Bond. However, now the 36-year-old actor has dropped a little lower – the absence of roles in high-profile blockbusters over the past few years affects.

4. Tom Hardy

Another actor, who for a long time was listed as the main candidate for the role of agent 007, is now likely to abandon her. The 44-year-old Hollywood star is too much in demand both in TV shows and in big movies, so he is unlikely to subscribe to a long-term “bondage” in a spectacular tuxedo.

3. Idris Elba

After the frankly unsuccessful film adaptation of The Dark Tower, Elba began to take a more careful approach to the choice of roles. He has enough detective work (“Luther”), as well as large-scale, spectacular action films, which means that he is 100 percent ready for the role of Bond.

2. Robert Pattinson

“Harry Potter”, “Batman”, “Twilight”, Nolan’s films – by the age of 35, Pattinson had appeared in most of the important franchises of recent years, why not grab another one now? The only hindrance will be his employment in “Batman”, because Warner Bros. clearly counting on more than one film with his participation.

1. Henry Cavill

The most likely candidate for the role of James Bond is also the most controversial. The on-screen Witcher is supported by his outstanding physical characteristics, experience in spy films and the desire of the creators of agent 007 to see him exactly in this place before Craig took him. However, ambition can get in the way. Cavill himself has repeatedly stated that he is raving about this role – it is possible that he will burn out.

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