The actor took the opportunity to advertise a new film with his participation.

ecently, London hosted the celebration of the platinum jubilee of the reign of Elizabeth II. The event was attended by thousands of spectators and hundreds of stars, from whom journalists took comments.

Among those with whom correspondents spoke was Tom Cruise. He was so enthusiastically chatting with the press that it dragged on for 45 minutes. The actor talked about the film “Top Gun” with his participation.

The audience was unhappy that the presenters paid such close attention to the person of Tom Cruise, as well as his new film, which will soon premiere in the UK. They also criticized the actor himself, who allowed himself to speak on abstract topics at the royal holiday.

“We decided to switch. Wasted 45 minutes chatting and letting Tom Cruise promote his new movie instead of showing the queen’s platinum jubilee celebration as advertised,” Express readers said .

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