Tom Cruise received an unprecedented fee for his new film. But the film studio willingly went to such costs.

For decades, the maximum income of the largest actors in the world did not exceed $ 20 million. Tom Cruise, who earned 100 million from Top Gun: Maverick, left his famous colleagues far behind. The reason for such fees lies in the unique contract of Cruz. The Hollywood star receives not only a one-time salary, but also a percentage of box office receipts, ticket sales and fan merchandise.

However, the owners of the film studio readily pay such amounts to the artist, because his participation in film projects guarantees huge fees.

“I would never bet against Tom Cruise,” one executive remarked in a commentary to Variety . Cruz is superhuman when it comes to traveling the world promoting his films. Most actors aren’t worth what they’re paid, but Cruz and maybe Dwayne Johnson justify their salaries.”

Earlier, Tom Cruise told what extreme hobbies inherent in his characters on TV screens he does in real life.

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