Hollywood actor cheated with shoes.

Recently, the premiere of the film “Top Gun: Maverick” was held, where the main role was played by Tom Cruise. The film event was attended by Kate Middleton and Prince William. The appearance of royal persons at the premiere not only added attention to the film, but also added physical and moral inconvenience to the Hollywood actor.

It’s all about Cruz’s shoes. The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her tall stature. According to some reports, it is about 175 centimeters. The 40-year-old wife of Prince William also wore high-heeled shoes. To match Middleton in the pictures, Tom Cruise went for a trick: he put on high-heeled platform shoes.

Attentive fans noticed something was wrong. They studied photos from the film screening. Some have suspected the star of the film “Mission Impossible” in a sense of inferiority.

“It seems to me that he put insoles because Kate was in heels, and he managed to catch up with her”, “Why is he lengthening himself? After all, now is the era of body positivity”, “He obviously has a lot of complexes,” Daily Mail quotes fans .

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