I will remember it on the morning of July 19 for a long time. The news of the death of Tolis Voskopoulos really made me sad. Who can believe that Voskopoulos passed away? It can not be done.

For the last few years I have been hearing about his health problems, but I kept looking sideways at my office window. You do not want to accept that the man who made you turn your gaze to the stage, who literally dressed your whole life with his songs, is not good. And somehow you deny the news. And the problem and then the end.

Tolis Voskopoulos was a role model for me. Do not be confused, he was an actor and singer, a multi-talented performer, who conquered the star system as a woman in love who made it his own. Satisfied with success, fame, money and of course love, Tolis went through a brilliant course until he was 81 years old. From the day the lens spotted him to the last shot of his glorious life he never became second. How could it be? He was one and only.

I remember admiring his appearances on “Marijuana Stop”, stylistically and interpretively. I was trying to decode the script behind this movie. “Marijuana Stop” is a tribute to the personal staff of the brand. a film based on the script of the brand “Tolis”. And all this in the “small” society of Greece in the ’70s. That the idols were specific, huge, but the thought somewhat closed and wooden.

Tolis Voskopoulos was indeed larger than life. A name that could not be compared to any other. For example, successes in his time could do a lot, but only so great. He chose to combine his role as an actor in the golden age of cinema with the rising power of nightlife from the 1970s onwards, and despite adversity these two worlds came together for his sake. Well-tailored suits, ties and posets, all aligned in one direction: the prince’s splendor.

As a blue blood of the domestic artistic life, of course he also had scandals. His four weddings, the epic love stories, Zoe Laskari, the rogue memory scene with “The moon above me”, Julia, Chara, and after the storm, the rainbow: Angela Gerekou and Maria. witch who conquered him in the late ’90s, finally came not as a witch, but as a good fairy to offer him everything he had not experienced until then: family life, peace, fatherhood and of course the class of completing a career properly. Without irrelevant pencils.

Tolis Voskopoulos became a legend. Not uncut, not accidental. And what I admit to him, unlike many of his other colleagues, is that he did not “throw” it even for a minute. Becoming famous, being a star, can come to you, but Tolis welcomed it, kept it, did not he gave it and never undermined it.And this is what I rejoiced in him: He taught us to taste.Our life, our work, our name, our take.And that is what made him unique.

Tolis in his mirror was his fan. I loved that too.

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