It seems that Kendall Jenner is not going to return to her ex-boyfriend. She is planning a new relationship, and the girl does not hide it.

The 26-year-old model posted photos on the social network that hinted at changes in her personal life. On the footage, Kendall appeared in the arms of a new man. True, she hid his face – she cut off her and his heads. Now it remains only to guess with whom the representative of the star family had an affair. The newly-made couple, apparently, was going to the next social event: Kendall put on a long, tight emerald dress, and her chosen one was a business suit.

By the way, Kendall does not like to flaunt her personal life. However, many people know about her cheating boyfriend. Recently, the supermodel announced a breakup with Devin Bookin. But he can’t put up with it and tries his best to get her back.

Kendall Jenner

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