Shakira is tired of enduring and forgiving the betrayal of a football player, the star put an end to the relationship.

They met in 2010 on the set of the video Waka,Waka, released for the World Cup, in which Piquet became the world champion. By that time, the Colombian singer had already gone through a ten-year civil marriage with an Argentine lawyer, Antonio De la Rua. For the Barcelona defender, this was the first serious relationship.

The age difference of 10 years did not become an obstacle for true love. A strong union was prevented by the inability of the football player to be faithful to his beloved. Literally a year and a half later, the couple broke up due to the betrayal of a football player. However, a few months later they reappeared together in public, Shakira managed to forgive and gave a chance to this union. As it turns out later – completely in vain.

Over the years of marriage with the defender of the Catalan club, rumors of separation have repeatedly appeared. Pique was never able to settle down, despite the two children that Shakira gave birth to him and the support of his wife. The show business star has repeatedly defended her husband in public space from criticism from fans and football experts. Did not help.

The paparazzi often spotted Pique in a nightclub, in the company of young teammates. Parties, fans and new girlfriends. He was never able to grow out of short pants, to be a faithful and reliable support for a loving wife and children. The reason for the final separation of the stars was another betrayal of the football player. Shakira found her common-law husband with another girlfriend. On June 2, 2022, one of the most beautiful star couples officially broke up.

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