Tiny Tina leads the story through Wonderlands, a fantasy-style Borderlands game (with that well-known cel-shaded art style) revealed at Summer Game Fest 2021. There are machine guns, dragons, and we even spied a shark with it. weapons.

It’s essentially a fantastic take on the looter shooter genre, with some similarities to Borderlands, although it really has nothing to do with Borderlands. Perhaps. Kind of. Other than that, it’s basically Borderlands. Expect the same kind of humor and weird storytelling from Wonderlands.

The game will be released in early 2022 and comes from Gearbox and 2K . The mechanics involve crafting spells, using guns, and you’ll likely be able to detonate dragons with rocket launchers. It will release the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Clearly this is a rich take on Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Dungeon , the D&D style expansion of Borderlands 2. You will control a group of characters voiced by famous names: Andy Samberg, Wanda Sykes and Will Arnett. Ashly Burch is back to voice Tiny Tina herself.

Tina will lead your characters through dungeons and environments (probably) that will appeal to D&D fantasy madness. It will be interesting to see which direction the story takes in relation to Borderlands.

According to Polygon, Gearbox founder (Randy Pitchford) claims the game has been in development for about 10 years, although it has fluctuated in and out of development during that time. It was a long-standing wish to bring the Borderlands style to the fantasy genre.

It will be a fantastic game in every way: skeletons, goblins, dragons and more. The ‘deadliest thirteen year old boy’ in the galaxy will likely take you on some pretty twisted journeys.

Wonderlands will be somewhat similar to Borderlands, in that there are distinct classes, cooperative gameplay, and replayable end-game content that will keep players entertained.

More information will be revealed on Wonderlands in the coming weeks, although there is no concrete release date, other trailers, or information.

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