Former lover Timati Alena Shishkova answered the haters by posting a spicy photo without underwear. Recently, a spectacular blonde held a live broadcast, on which she answered the “classic” questions: does she plan to return to the rapper, who she lives with now, what parameters she has. At first, the atmosphere was really friendly, but then haters came running and began to persecute Shishkova.

Later, the model admitted that the audience’s behavior upset her very much. Shishkova decided to answer in her own style: she posted a snapshot of her bare chest hidden under a transparent dress.

The Network noted that it was a big mistake to miss such as Alena.

“Timati is already biting his elbows”, “Why are you so beautiful”, “Hot little thing”, “So to them, these haters. Set the heat “,” Set a fire here “,” Have your breasts always been so big? ” – they wrote to her.

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