At this rate, it will never stop. Streamer Ludwig Ahgren has embarked on a decidedly ambitious live broadcast on Tic , which has been going on for days with no end on the horizon: a very long live marathon on the Amazon -owned platform that will only end when the number of missing hours will reach zero. There is only one problem: the counter continues to work adding 10 seconds to the end of broadcasts for each user who subscribes to the author’s channel.

Full of spectators

With this ploy, Ahgren ensured sleepless nights for days to come , but also suddenly became the most followed streamer across the platform. After the first 19 hours of streaming while awake, the boy decided to doze off to catch up on a few hours of sleep, waking up the next morning with a spike of 30,000 users tuning into his channel overnight, this which makes the program. followed by multiple users simultaneously on Twitch on March 15.

What Happens During Live Streaming

Why so many users decided to follow Ahgren while he slept can be questioned for a long time, the fact is that as of Sunday, March 14 the shows are not over yet. During the day, Ahgren engages in activities common to most streamers on Twitch: from video games to casual chats with guests and interacting with users in chat. During the night, the boy is resting and the channel is run by moderators who turn the live stream into a nighttime party where videos are shown shared with viewers.

A countdown, a countdown

At the moment they still miss 41 hours at the end of the experiment, but the rate with which the chain acquires new followers exceeds the physiological speed with which the counter should reach zero, with a predictable result: as the live continues, the expected duration before its end it increases rather than decreases . As streaming continues, the phenomenon will lose its virality and the number of new subscribers will begin to drop below the fatal threshold of one every ten seconds . The countdown will continue to take longer than normal to reach zero, but Ahgren will at least start to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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