Michael Pick, known on social media as The Casual Engineer , makes the world’s largest fully functional Nintendo Switch . As reported by Pick himself in a video posted to YouTube, Nintendo’s hybrid console is “easy to miss”. Hence the idea of ​​recreating an extra-large version, six times bigger than the traditional one. Here are its dimensions in detail: 30 inches in height, 70 inches in width and a weight of approximately 29 kg.

A real challenge, given that the engineer-youtuber specializes in shrinking equipment. Take a look at his YouTube channel. But what makes the job of the Youtuber engineer remarkable are the work buttons , triggers included. Inside the console’s external structure, made of wood and plastic, is the regular blue Joy-Con connected to a servo system reproduced by a 3D printer. Below, in the lower space, the body of the console is also positioned.

In the aforementioned YouTube video, Pick demonstrates the functionality of the giant keys (it takes your whole hand to press them) with a shot from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe . It’s still possible to play on the world’s largest Nintendo Switch – and enjoy its 4K LED display – even by connecting the regular Nintendo Switch Pro as a controller. This is also demonstrated in the video through a game from Fortnite .

Behind Michael Pick’s business is charitable intent, as the recreated Nintendo Switch is actually a gift for the boys and girls at St. Jude Children’s Hospital in the United States. A real gesture of affection: As reported by the Polygon portal, the aforementioned children’s hospital has a branch in Huntsville, Alabama, where Pick works as an aerospace software engineer. It was necessary to rent a van to transport the console to the installation. His arrival greeted by hospital staff concludes the video dedicated to the giant Nintendo Switch.

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