If you’ve seen Behind His Eyes , you may have been captivated by the beauty and acting skills of its enigmatic protagonist. Well, Adele Ferguson is in real life Memphis Eve Hewson , daughter of singer Bono (leader of rock band U2) and activist Alison Hewson . This is all we know about her, the new Netflix sensation .

It is impossible not to have heard of Behind your eyes ( Behind her eyes ), the last series of Netflix to become a success. It remains among the most viewed content on the platform thanks to having all the ingredients to hook us. But perhaps what is not so well known is that the insane protagonist is Memphis Eve Hewson, the daughter of the singer of the rock band U2.

Behind His Eyes tells in six episodes how a single mother enters a bizarre world of evil interests and manipulations by starting a relationship with her boss and, at the same time, a mysterious friendship with his enigmatic wife. For it is this enigmatic wife, of a somewhat supernatural beauty, that Eve Hewson gives life.

Baptized as Eve because “eve” is the center of the word “seven” (the number seven in English) and was born on July 7 at seven in the morning in Ireland, she is the sister-in-law of a Spanish aristocrat, Diego Osorio, and daughter the leader of the band U2 and activist Alison Hewson.


Eve Hewson made her acting debut in 2005 alongside her sister Jordan, who is currently dating Spaniard Diego Osorio, in the short film Lost and Found . Since then he has appeared in different series and films, although his most prominent role was with Sean Penn and Frances McDormand in Paolo Sorrentino’s film A Place to Stay .

Eve Hewson was always very clear that she wanted to be an actress, despite her parents’ opposition. De Bono only inherited his taste for young rockers, although in a different way than his father, who had to make it a rule not to hire bands of youngsters as opening act. “No more 20-year-olds please God!” , Eve Hewson says the singer used to say.

In addition to this latest Netflix hit, Eve Hewson has worked on films such as Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies , where she played Tom Hanks’ daughter; She played the role of Lady Marian in one of the latest versions of Robin Hood , and has participated in Las Luminarias , a series for HBO that will premiere in our country on June 22.

Although she is currently single, the actress has met two boyfriends thus far, both actors: James Lafferty and Max Minghella , popular for their role in The Handmaid’s Tale . Although she herself has recognized that her love life is “disappointing” while joking about having a “robot boyfriend” soon: “You can disconnect them when they bother you.”

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