Insiders have found a connection between Britney Spears’ interest in nude photo shoots and her father.

In recent months, Britney Spears’ social networks are full of nude photos. The star may be at home or at sea, but will definitely publish a “naked” picture and collect thousands of comments. It’s not just that! It turns out that the matter may be in the recent release of the pop princess of zero from the guardianship of her father.

As insiders told HollywoodLife , after the fateful decision of the court, Britney seemed to breathe deeply. For many years she endured close control, but now she is free and can decide for herself how to deal with her body.

Britney Spears

The source is sure that the performer finally gained confidence and fell in love with herself. The father often humiliated the girl. Britney herself complained that her parent destroyed her sexuality.

“Posting naked photos is a huge victory over herself, she loves reading fan comments and getting all that love. This does a lot of good for her self-confidence, ”said insiders close to the singer’s family.

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