ex-wife of Elon Mus

The ex-wife of Elon Musk in vain wants to outdo the businessman in originality. Singer Grimes, who decided to make herself elf ears, was warned of problems.

The star resorted to the correction of the auricles, plastic surgeon Dmitry Saratovtsev did not rule out , barely looking at the photo of the celebrity wrapped in bandages. During the operation, the artist could change the shape of her own cartilage or implant implants, he explained in a conversation with the PopCornNews portal.

The ex-wife of the billionaire had to fork out – the price for such operations reaches five thousand dollars (about 300 thousand rubles). At the same time, the singer is not immune from problems:

“Complications are possible with any operation. There may be bleeding, suppuration and up to skin necrosis. And if it is an alien implant, then it may simply not take root.

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