Ever since the first teaser, fans of John Tolkien’s work have drowned the future Lord of the Rings series in negative comments. Most of all, they were angered by the free treatment of the authors with the characters and appearance of the heroes of the show. Film critic Sergei Sychev believes that fans of the world of Middle-earth go too far.

As the expert explained, the difference in the characters’ characters or a different color of their skin in the upcoming project from Amazon is just the author’s opinion.

“They have a black hero, our Hamlet speaks Russian, Kurosawa’s Gorky characters speak Japanese and are dressed in Japanese clothes. This is not an agenda, although something can be seen in this, ”Sychev said in an interview with News.

The film critic is also sure that dislikes and angry comments will not prevent the future series from gaining success.

“All the same, haters will watch this series and make their blogs traffic on hate. Who cares? This suggests that the project is very popular. If at least once there was a sea of ​​​​negativity and no one went, then it would be another matter. It is much worse when they are silent, ”the expert concluded.

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