The expert explained why the actress looks great after 50 years.

Recently, Elizabeth Hurley came out and once again struck everyone with her beauty. The 56-year-old star told how she manages to look younger than her years. The main beauty secrets she called moisturizers, which she uses regularly, as well as the rejection of alcoholic beverages.

Plastic surgeon Victoria Andryukhina , in a conversation with News, noted that Elizabeth Hurley is one of the most beautiful actresses of her time. She believes that to maintain beauty, the star could well turn to specialists. Of course, when the time comes, we all need some kind of procedures or mini-operations, the expert recalled.

“I think that she could not do without upper blepharoplasty, a small contour plastic in the lips and cheekbones. She has a very natural “crow’s feet” area around her eyes – this indicates the absence of botulinum toxin injections. Such injections are very popular in the States and in the world of actresses. This suggests that she has absolutely natural facial expressions, without Botox injections, ”she said.

The doctor noted that Elizabeth relies in personal care not only on achievements in the field of plastic surgery. According to the expert, the actress did not play a trick when talking about her beauty habits.

“I think that there are good genetic data and good skin, which suggests that the actress is still taking care of herself. So her words that she loves moisturizers are grounded, ”summed up Victoria Andryukhina.

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