After long waits, fans of “  The Walking Dead ” received a pleasant surprise from the streaming platform, as the company released the show’s Season 10 episodes. Sadly, only 16 of Part 10’s 22 chapters are available, and fans of the series have not kept quiet about this disappointment.

As will be remembered, the tenth season of ” The Walking Dead ” suffered numerous delays due to the Coronavirus pandemic . The season that began in the fall of 2019 did not air its last episode until April 2021 , being its parent channel AMC the only channel that officially transmitted the episodes.

Additionally, due to delays, Season 10 added 6 new deliveries where the stories of some important characters were explored. The additional six episodes gave fans something to look forward to until the eleventh and final season could be filmed, complete with a premiere date.

But… When are the new episodes of “  The Walking Dead  ” on Netflix ? While some internet users are happy that Season 10 is running a little longer, others are eager to see the real end with these extra chapters, so here we tell you everything we know about its arrival on Netflix. .


(Photo: AMC)
(Photo: AMC)

Traditionally, AMC releases the previous season’s episodes of ”  The Walking Dead  ” to Netflix about a month before the new season premieres. With the announcement of the August premiere date for Season 11, it’s safe to assume that we might see the new episodes on Netflix in July , or maybe sooner.

On the other hand, there is also the fact that Chapter 16 of ”  The Walking Dead ” premieres in October 2020 , so your addition to Netflix in April 2021 means that it took 6 months for AMC to let the broadcast company in. continues to add these episodes to its catalog.

(Photo: AMC)
(Photo: AMC)

Following that, the new chapters could arrive at the end of 2021, or maybe October if all goes well. This will give fans time to review or catch up with the series for the new season, as some have even left the series halfway for some external reason.

On the other hand, many fans are using Netflix as their only option to watch the series and are eagerly awaiting the launch on the platform. Considering this is the penultimate season of “  The Walking Dead Now, they don’t want to miss an episode for how the story really ends.

The extended tenth season of
The extended tenth season of “The Walking Dead” returns to the Star Channel with six new episodes. (Photo: StarChannel)

The flagship series “The Walking Dead ” will end in its eleventh season, but ” Fear the Walking Dead ” is filming its seventh season , and the sixth is now airing on AMC . This series which began as a simple spin-off to deepen this universe has ended up becoming as popular a product as its parent series.

The second spinoff series, ”  World Beyond “, turns its second and final season. This series has always been defined to be a limited series, but it still gave a lot to talk about. Either way, the universe of “  The Walking Dead ” is climaxing and fans don’t want to skip any episode of all of these shows.

(Photo: AMC)
(Photo: AMC)

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