Negan is a cruel murderer who will do whatever it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse . But during the first days of the disaster, he was not like that. What has changed him? Season 10 of The Walking Dead revealed the reasons that made this character what he is today. You will surely be surprised when you find out the reasons that led Negan to the limit of ending a human life.

The chapter in the series titled Here’s Negan shows the horrific personal tragedy the character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and changed his fate forever by taking away what he valued most. Much pain is the root of so much pain.

Negan’s first murder

At the start of the zombie apocalypse, Negan constantly struggled to help his wife Lucille with the illness she was suffering from . So he had to find the drugs needed to treat his wife’s cancer amidst a society that was already showing symptoms of collapse.

On one of the occasions that Negan was looking for supplies for his wife, he was selflessly assisted by a group of medics. They were intercepted by bikers and the character reported the doctors to the criminals. But Negan was detained for a long time and when he returned home he found that his wife had committed suicide and was reborn as a zombie .

The walking dead
Negan turned bad (Photo: IMDB)

Blinded by pain and fury Negan He returned to where the gang members were and took revenge. In this way, the character knew the taste of murder and took his first step on a path rife with cruelty and death that turned him into one of the most feared villains in the world. The walking dead .

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