Anya Taylor-Joy is one of today’s most popular actresses , not only for her talent that took her to the top of Hollywood, but for a unique charisma that makes her the favorite of many in the world. world, and especially in Argentina , place where he lived part of his childhood and planted his roots. Recently a video of her speaking with a particular expression has gone viral and has become a rage among Argentines.

The 24-year-old coming off a strong year in 2020, after playing in the mini- series Gambito Dama on the streaming service Netflix, which has been a resounding success for the platform. His great participation in fiction based on the novel by Walter Tevis meant him two beautiful decorations for his career : a Golden Globe and a SAG Award, which was obtained by the vote of his colleagues.

Although he was born in Miami, United States, lived up to six years in Buenos Aires and has recognized more than once that Argentina holds a very special place there , since his father is Argentinian and before the coronavirus pandemic , he used to visit the country while on vacation. The social network Twitter has given it the spotlight in recent hours for a video that has gone viral .

This is a February 2020 interview in the Living with Kelly and Ryan program , hosted by Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. There he offers to exchange questions and in an instant she is asked about his favorite ice cream taste , to which he answers without hesitation: “Dulce de leche.” Argentina. Dulce de leche ” . The feature that caught the most attention was that He was speaking in English and he suddenly changed his tone to an Argentinian accent . Watch the video!

Although this talk has been circulating the internet for over a year already, his Argentinian fans posted the interview cut and made some funny memes . Comments from Twitter users sounded like, “Love the way he suddenly goes Buenos Aires mode out of nowhere . ” They will continue to enjoy their work, as the actress shoots David O. Russell’s film, will continue with The Northman and premier this year Last Night in Soho.

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