It is not a few times that we have drawn stylistic inspiration from Greek celebrities for our appearances, as they prove that they can compete equally with fashionistas abroad. In addition to their daily appearances, they themselves deliver elegance and style lessons through their personal social media accounts. Their posts are usually full of fashion, trends, ideas and tips, which aim to renew our looks. Today, therefore, we will focus mainly on a Greek actress, who offers us many suggestions for our next beach looks. The reason for Eugenia Samara.

The actress has 151,000 followers on her personal Instagram account, which does not impress us, as she is very active on this social networking site. Also the content is quite creative and enjoyable. Nevertheless, we will focus on the swimsuits that Eugenia Samara chose to wear this season. Let’s not forget, after all, that swimsuits are the protagonists of the summer wardrobe and no matter how many designs we have, we will always want a new one. Someone who will renew as much as anything our appearances on the beach and especially the ones we will do during the holidays in the coming days.

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