Director Todd Phillips will direct the filming of Joker 2.

After Warner Bros. there have been serious reshuffles, the studio is thinking about remakes of old projects. Among the films that can get a sequel, was the “Joker”. The new head of the combined company, David Zaslav, would like to release a sequel.

There is no word yet on the release date of the film. Nevertheless, Todd Phillips is preparing to sign a contract, so the picture will probably still be filmed. It is also not yet clear whether Joaquin Phoenix will re-embody the image of the villain, insiders of the Screen Rant portal report . I would like to believe in his return to the project – after all, for shooting in this film, he received an Oscar as the performer of the best male role.

At Warner Bros. We also thought about new content in the Harry Potter universe. For this, the studio bosses are ready to re-conclude an agreement with the “cancelled” JK Rowling.

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