Stylist Julia Horni pointed out gross flaws in the image of a star.

The star of “Twilight” Kristen Stewart again surprised the audience. The celebrity appeared on the Cannes red carpet in black tweed trousers and a corset with a “peppercorn”: the two lower gold buttons were unbuttoned. A strange image of a celebrity was smashed to pieces by stylist-image maker Yulia Gorni .

In an exclusive interview with PopCornNews, the fashion expert said that the stylists seemed to assemble the star in a hurry.

“There are no corrective techniques. The underarm area is not very successful, they should be covered. The corset, on which two buttons diverge from top to bottom, makes you think that the figure is imperfect, as if the stomach simply did not fit. The hairstyle is collected on the run, ”the expert analyzes the image.

Kristen Stewart

According to Yulia Gorni, a good stylist will always think over the image, put an idea into it. But the image of Stewart seems to be screaming: “I ran in to change the book, to look, but I scored on myself.”

“I don’t see the idea as such. Perhaps Europe has its own rules, which are focused on loving your body and demonstrating some obvious ugly zones, ”the image maker believes.

However, the right combination of things in the kit can look advantageous, the stylist said. Both trousers and a corset are devoid of bright details, which means they can replenish the wardrobe of any fashionista.

“These things are integrated into any women’s wardrobe. But you need to take into account the peculiarity of the figure, she warned. “The corset can be used over shirts and T-shirts in any street style.”

Gorni added that an expensive thing does not always look expensive on a woman, and this should be taken into account when choosing any outfit: at least for a holiday, even in everyday life.

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