Jennifer Lawrence has yet to reveal the gender of her baby to fans.

The actress is married to gallerist Cook Maroney. This year, a joyful event happened in the couple’s life – they became parents. The baby was born back in February, but celebrities have not yet announced the gender of their first child.

The other day, TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres phoned Jennifer on the air of her show and congratulated her on the birth of her baby. Judging by the conversation, she knew the sex of the child. She dropped a phrase that confirmed the guesses of many fans – the couple had a boy.

“I hear how you sometimes talk to him, and it’s very nice,” Ellen said in a conversation with Lawrence.

The new episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show was the last . The TV presenter invited the same guest to the studio of her program that she had in the first issue 19 years ago.

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