Image maker Julia Gorni appreciated the feminine outfit of Kate Middleton.

The garden of Buckingham Palace shone the day before, and mainly due to the wife of Prince William Kate Middleton. For the event, the Duchess of Cambridge chose a mint-colored long-sleeved dress and a matching hat.

On the Web, the British compared the celebrity with Mary Poppins. The stylist-image maker Yulia Gorni was also delighted with the choice of the royal person .

“The image is definitely very feminine. Everything is combined here. Despite the fact that it is made in one color, if you look closely, there are a lot of details inside, ”the expert said in an interview with PopCornNews.

Kate Middleton

According to the expert, Kate Middleton has developed an individual style that is very similar to the fashion style of Princess Diana.

“I think it was such an idea to get closer to the people. She uses fairly budget brands in her images, mixing them very well with expensive ones, ”Gorni shared.

The fashion expert emphasized that such a dress would suit almost all girls with any figure.

“A dress of this cut is a winning option. It doesn’t matter what color it is. It can also be in a small flower. The main thing is that the color refreshes and improves the heroine, and does not overshadow her and does not turn her into a shadow, ”the stylist shared her advice.

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