The tradition started by Queen Victoria and the dress code for the “blue bloods” who mourn.

The custom of wanting mourners to dress in black dates back to the days of the Roman Empire. Widespread in almost all of Europe with this symbolism, however, the color black was not in all cases, especially those concerning the royal castes, the obvious choice. During the Middle Ages, European queens wore white to funerals and mourning.

And then, in the 19th century, came Queen Victoria, who established white as a choice for joy (ss: she was one of the first women to wear a white wedding dress) and black as the color of mourning. After the death of her husband, Prince Albert, she never took off her black clothes again, however, taking care to communicate her royal status by enhancing her mournful appearances with precious jewels – symbols and exquisite decorations, while she did not hesitate to combines with her (white) bridal veil.

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