Ioanna Tunis is preparing to celebrate her birthday on Wednesday and as she revealed to her online friends, she may not be able to organize it like other years due to her pregnancy, however she decided to travel to Halkidiki and spend tonight and the tomorrow with Dimitris Alexandrou and her friends.

With an Instagram Story, the social media star noted that, among other things, on her birthday, her friends have organized a party to reveal the gender of the baby she is expecting with Dimitris Alexandrou.

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In more detail he stated:“Hey, what are you doing? I’m slowly packing my things for Halkidiki. I’m going to throw it out so much because it’s my birthday tomorrow. So tonight after months, I’m going out for a drink after months. Now don’t imagine a drink terrible, grandpa situation. But I’ll get ready, I’ve also got a dress especially for today, so I’ll wear it so that I can see 10 times on the road, I’ll go and enjoy it. In the meantime, I’m very stressed because tomorrow my girlfriends have organized for me gender reveal. This American thing they do to find out if your baby is a boy or a girl. No one knows except Lenia, only she knows, who was informed by my gynecologist to organize it. What do you say it should be? Boy or girl? I want a girl. I want a girl like crazy. So much so that I’ve been telling my friends “girl, girl”. Dimitris wants a boyfriend.

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