Sydney Sweeney recently admitted that she does not understand why viewers criticize the abundance of sex scenes in the Euphoria series. The actress said that she trusts the director of the series, Sam Levinson, and therefore will continue to be naked in front of the camera. Film critic Oksana Agapova assured that Levinson has specific motives to force Sweeney to undress.

As the expert noted, erotic scenes in the Euphoria series are not needed for aesthetic pleasure, but in order to create a feeling of discomfort in the viewer.

“I mean, these are not scenes that are completely enticing and we feel some kind of desire. It’s more of a story about when too much eroticism raises a lot of questions in the viewer. Questions about personal sexuality, about your body,” said Oksana Agapova in an interview with News.

The film critic believes that director Sam Levinson set such a task. He wanted to play on the contrast of sex and drama, so that the audience would understand how ready they are to let the series into themselves. And live the same that his heroes live.

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