Much has been written about Kate Middleton’s style and will continue to be written as long as the Duchess of Cambridge continues to make clothing choices that do not seem elusive. Prince William’s wife, moreover, has shown that she remains extremely down-to-earth in terms of her priorities, and yes, elegant and neat looks are among them, but the fashion icon design does not overshadow her charitable activities or role. of William.

Kate Middleton often combines designer pieces with pieces from high street brands, but the most important thing is that she does not hesitate to repeat in her looks the favorite staples of her wardrobe. In other words, Kate works like any other woman who takes care to be elegant and consistent with her style. And some of her appearances may be fairytale – as befits a royal – but it is no secret that Middleton has a weakness for simple, everyday outfits. Her sporty outfits, after all, are one of the things she enjoys – especially when as a member of the royal family she is called to support an athletic activity or club, while for her casual appearances it is clear that she feels comfortable in her skinny jeans, biker pants , her sweaters, shirts and casual jackets (parka,

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