CAUTION, SPOILER ALERT. In the tenth chapter of the second season ”  The Queen of Flow Despite Mike Rivera’s insistence, Charly refuses to launch a war against the production company Surround Vibes, however, the launch of Yeimy Montoya as a singer is a game-changer.

When Yeimy announces that his first single will be ‘Fenix’, Juanjo asks him about the other musical theme (the one he dedicated to Charly in his dream), and although they agree not to discuss it further, to another moment the producer listens to the song over and over to name it.

Meanwhile, José Cerna decides to ignore Charly’s words and confront him in front of Ligia, who doesn’t understand why her son doesn’t want her to be happy. But the singer is only following the orders of his uncle Manín, who calls him.

The man who is now hiding under the identity of Albeiro Rosales takes him to his new center of operations, also explains that he will start laundering drug money at his foundation in prison and during his next concerts.


Although Erick manages to settle Vanessa’s affairs, the opposite happens with his girlfriend Irma, with whom he has more and more arguments. While “Dragon Fish” crosses a creative block, “The Hurricane” does not feel valued by Surround Vibes.

His discomfort increases after Yeimy’s launch as a singer. The young artist is afraid that her career will not progress, she wants to make a name for herself in the music industry and apparently Gray Shark offers her this opportunity.

If Irma accepts the deal with Mike Rivera, will her relationship with Erick end? How would Juanjo and Yeimy take this news?

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