Dante will fall for the demons of our cell phones. The global release of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is confirmed.

Fans of the Devil May Cry saga will soon have a new opus. Although it’s not really that recent, but is that the Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat World Release at the end it will be a reality. Until now, the title for mobile devices has been available in the Asian market, but it will soon reach new territories.

How to have affirmed the persons in charge on the social networks, it will be available in English and “in other languages”, without specifying which ones. They urge us to receive more information very soon, but Spanish will surely be one of them.

The game was released this month in China. The game borrows elements from the main series , so you can expect an intense and dynamic combat system, in true hack and slash style.

Taking control of Dante and other characters, we will have to kill enemies with swords or with weapons such as Ebony and Ivory, their iconic pistols.

DMC: Peak of Combat officially released in China on June 11 and seems to have started off on the right foot, as it was such a highly anticipated game. And the Capcom saga has many loyal fans of the brand. Now we just have to wait and see when we can take advantage of it in the West.

The latest installment is Devil May Cry V, which allows us to take control of several characters with different abilities such as Dante, Nero, and V, the latter being a mysterious addition to the cast.

Additionally, with the launch of the next generation consoles , the Special Edition has come with improved graphics, textures and resolution for PS5 and Xbox Series.

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