Since 2019, director Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) has been developing a new installment in the “Predator” saga which will feature the subtitle “Skull”, which will address the story of a member of the Comanche tribe who will seek to challenge norms and traditions to become a warrior.

Everything seems to indicate that the producers of the new “Predator” have found a different angle to approach the franchise, starting with the lead role of actress Amber Midthunder. In a recent conversation with Collider, John Davis and John Fox hinted at the overall tone of the film, making a comparison to “The Revenant.”

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Davis has indicated that this film will focus on the Predator’s first trip to Earth, although he has yet to reveal the time frame in which the story will take place. This raised interesting questions about the place the two episodes of “Alien Vs Predator” take in the canon, which establishes that predators were praised by ancient cultures like the Egyptians or the Mayans as if they were gods.

Although “Alien vs Predator” would be ignored from the canon for films like “Prometheus” or “The Predator” (released in 2018), the second installment of the franchise released in 1990 shows one of these creatures giving the character a gun. by Danny Glover. dated 1715, the Predators have been in contact with the earth since the 18th century.

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“Predator” has grown into a major franchise since it first appeared on the big screen in 1987, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Since then, the hunting creature has been a part of video games, comics, and novels that expand the mythology behind its breed.

After his two confrontations with Alien in 2004 and 2007, filmmaker Robert Rodriguez was tasked with bringing him back to the big screen in 2010 with a film that, despite its acceptable box office, never managed to take off its sequel. “The Predator,” a Shane Black film released in 2018, would not be able to connect with audiences, causing heavy monetary losses at the studio.

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