In the middle of the 20th century, the royal family was going through hard times. The first persons of the war-weakened Great Britain faced problems. Elizabeth II’s mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, had a brother, John, who suffered from mental disorders.

Illness did not prevent him from marrying and having five daughters, but the most problematic were Nerissa and Catherine, who transmitted mental problems, but in a more severe form.

The development of both girls stopped at the level of three years. In order not to defame the family, the girls were isolated from society, and in 1930 everything got complicated – John died. The girls grew up aggressive and unpredictable, so Elizabeth decided to put them in a psychiatric hospital. Of course, this fact was hidden from everyone.

Nerissa died in 1986, she was buried in an ordinary cemetery in secret from everyone. The tomb of Elizabeth II’s cousin was crowned with an ordinary plastic nameplate.

Catherine lived to old age and died in 2014 in one of the private clinics. None of the royal relatives came to her funeral.

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