The amateur was able to master Deepfake technology better than the professionals who worked for Lucasfilm.

Video blogger Shamook with modest, especially by Western standards, 89.1 thousand subscribers at the end of last year posted a video with an excerpt from the series “The Mandalorian”. Youtuber offered to compare the original footage with what he himself was able to do with the face of Luke Skywalker using Deepfake.

The amateur was able to achieve more resemblance to the performer of the role, Mark Hamill in his youth. In addition, the face and facial expressions in general look much more realistic.

The efforts of the talented blogger were not in vain. Lucasfilm took notice of him and offered to join the team to work on season 2 of The Mandalorian, Collider reports.

As it turned out, Shamook has been working for Lucasfilm for several months, which is why the content on his channel with such alterations began to be released less often, for which he apologized to his subscribers.

In fact, the blogger joined Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), the visual effects team for Disney + projects.

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