Everything indicates that in Peru a fraud against the popular will is brewing. The presidential elections took place on June 6; all the votes have already been counted and Pedro Castillo won. International observers ensured the fairness of this second round of elections. But as of Wednesday June 16, the ONPE had not yet announced the official results.

The defeated candidate fights desperately for her survival. For her, the alternatives are the presidency or prison for her numerous corruption offenses. In the Peruvian electoral system, votes are destroyed after the count and only the minutes remain.

Hence the fact that Fujimori has hired dozens of lawyers to try to challenge the minutes of more than 800 tables, which corresponds to around 200,000 votes. The ONPE seems to have lent itself to the maneuver by extending the legal deadlines to allow this challenge.

The “peasant rounds”, communal organizations for the defense of their territories, will have to march on Lima – where the ruling class is concentrated and where the tricks are played out – to defend the winning candidate, legality and the popular will.

Remember that Kennedy’s victory over Nixon in the US presidential election was only 0.17%. (Resist)

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