The popular The Last of Us The series of games Naughty Dog has received the second part of last year The Last of Us 2 a sequel worthy will become a bestseller. While there is much to discuss about the development of young heroine Ellie, the new game in the series has proven to be convincing both visually and in terms of content. In addition, the action adventure was filled with numerous awards.

Who is the game designed for the PS4 now on the new next-gen PS5 console wants to play , Naughty Dog and Playstation are now offering a free performance patch at.

When will the performance patch be available for the PS5? The PS5 update, requested by many players in the community, is now available through the Playstation Store available for download.

And this is how it works: As soon as Patch 1.08 for The Last of Us 2 on yours PS5 console is installed, you will be offered a switch in the display options, between a Frame rate target of 30 FPS or 60 FPS to select. This allows you to choose your preferred frame rate – in line with the rest of the improvements that are part of the PS5 Backward Compatibility with PS4 games . This approximately includes improved resolution , faster load times, and a lot more. Further optimizations are planned and should also support the DualSense Controller include.

Naughty Dog adds:

“The team has taken a close look at the PS5 hardware and the capabilities it has opened up since its launch last year, and we’re excited to see what the future holds. This patch is just the first step in our work on PS5. We will keep you posted as soon as we have more news for you! ” 

The Last of Us: PS5 Remake, Part 3 Ideas and HBO Series

Meanwhile, Naughty Dog boss Neil Druckmann is open to another part of the game series: You already have some initial ideas for The Last of Us 3 collected, but according to the development studio, it will take some time before the game appears. Neil Druckmann pointed out in a recent interview that you want to take your time developing the story and implementing it and don’t want to rush anything. Additionally, it is rumored that the studio is working on a working PS5 Remake of The Last of Us . There are no details yet.

In the meantime, production takes off Series The Last of Us Formes. The American broadcaster HBO, which has already shot “Game of Thrones” successfully, stars Bella Ramsey (“Game of Thrones”) as Ellie and Pedro Pascal (“The Mandalorian”) found as Joel. Gabriel Luna (“Terminator: Dark Fate”) represents Joel’s brother, Tommy. In terms of content, the series is initially based on the first game, but could cover Part 2 with another season as well. Creative director Neil Druckmann is personally involved in the adaptation. A release date is likely no earlier than 2022 respectively.

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