Incredibly, The Last of Us: Part II will be celebrating its first anniversary on June 19 – looks like it’s been a decade, doesn’t it? Unsurprisingly, given the notoriety of the release, Naughty Dog will mark the occasion with a ton of new stuff available in Europe and North America via the respective links. There’s a bunch of stuff – including everything from collared shirts to a pencil case – with a knife and hammer pattern on it, that we especially love.

The highlight of the collection, however, may be a meticulously detailed statue of Abby from Dark Horse. This one stands 12.5 inches tall and sees the villain-turned-hero wielding his hammer and a handgun. Honestly, it looks amazing – check out the details on her ponytail! You can see all of the new items here, but some of them are limited editions, so be quick if you want to grab some.

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