The actor sacrificed his appearance in the name of art.

Joaquin Phoenix, who gained immense popularity after the “Joker”, was at the epicenter of discussions due to drastic changes in appearance. The other day, the paparazzi caught Phoenix on the set of a new picture without clothes. If it were not for the photographs of photographers, hardly anyone would have been able to recognize the actor in his current state: Phoenix has grown a huge belly, and a bald patch has appeared in his gray hair.

As it turned out, Phoenix sacrificed a reference figure (previously Joaquin lost as much as 24 kilograms) to play the role of one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time in the film Disappointment Blvd.

Phoenix himself previously said that losing weight was very difficult for him. The actor exhausted himself with training and proper nutrition, but it turned out to be very difficult for him to come to the current result. Now Joaquin will start all over again.

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